Cyberespionage: The Chinese Threat

| September 29, 2015

watch the video in this link and Answer the following questions (short answer)
Answer the following questions (short answer) :
1. What are cyberespionage groups stealing from the United States?
2. What does the video claim is the evidence these attacks are coming from China? Is this believable?
3. What does Adam Siegel in the video claim is the motivation of the Chinese government for conducting cyberespionage against the United States?
4. Why didn’t Nortel management take the Chinese threat seriously? Why do various contributors in the video claim that American management does not take the problem seriously?
5. The video claims the attacks on American corporate and military computer systems are increasingly sophisticated. Do you believe this is true?
6. Industrial espionage is a kind of technology transfer. The video claims the very DNA of Google is being drained by China, and that the United States will lose its competitive advantages with respect to China. Do you agree or disagree? Why? How else is technology transferred? Is it possible to stop technology transfer of any kind?

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