| July 29, 2016

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Clear Instruction: Introduction 450 word “People’s reputation are sullied in a new way, and it’s hard for them to recover that” (am not sure about this reference please add who said this) To start with this sentence without any change. First paragraph – Cybercrime in general. Second paragraph – the decrease in recorded traditional crimes against the increase of cybercrimes. Fact with figures (the world) Third paragraph – Defamation (in the past and now) >>> it is become relevance compared to the past With the increasing growth in the use of social media and smartphones, the importance of the defamation law becomes critical ((In the end the sentence which unclear in the beginning, will be clear.)) Literature review First part UK perspective (600 – 700 word) • UK Law on defamation Defamation act 2013  : Truth, Honest opinion, Publication on matter of public interest, serious harm, Serious harm, Defences… etc All of these can be related to public and social media, and here the reader will understand legal and illegal cases. just focus on what related to my research. • Common Law – to explain effectiveness of system (judicial) I think (Keith Smith v William) it was seen as the first UK internet libel case • Explain how … dealt with properly using legislation and common law The law is effective… why? Because they have (dedicated and detailed legislation) Second part move to Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia doesn’t have a specific law on online defamation, except the Anti-Cybercrime Act, which does not actually make a direct reference to online defamation and this is the problem, but w have to write about sharia Law. • Explain current legislation • Explain lack of a proper definition – give current definition • Explain different definition which exist • Problems: Different definitions used by deferent forces Lack of consistency during prosecutions (use cases – common law) if you find Is the current Law is enough? • Explain people use of social media in Saudi Arabia Which sites/apps (eg, Twitter, Snapchat ….) FACT + FIGURES Explain that reputation is big in Saudi culture • Defamation on social media Cases Case studies Famous cases – celebrates Articles The problem of online defamation in Saudi Arabia: the culture of defamation (sharing pictures/ taking photos or recording video clips on a street) without proof Third part Comparison with UK legislation (UK has specific Law – consistency & common Law) Explain the implications of merging with sharia Law How the government an improve these problems (dedicated Law more enforcement) Please don’t use difficult words which be unclear, clear English language

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