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| October 28, 2015

I complied a presentation I am including, for my job. I layout a hypothesis and build on it. I need to translate this into a document. Also, need two or three sources which support the impact of customer experience focus and customer satisfaction on revenues.
Preferably in non retail environments. I am really looking forward to the up front summary statement, also looking to see what my ppt
yields as far as an understanding. a few other details, my company sells IT to travel agencies and other travel providers. When I speak about “distribution” customers I am referring to travel agencies. BUt, I am trying to bring across that the three forms of revenue could be true for any customer, for example an airline who is using our departure control systems. Hope it’s not too complicated for you. I specified 8 pages but depending on how it goes I might order more latter, to build on some of the ideas.

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teamwork and learning based on my experience of video project
ERP systems in Retail industry in UAE + ERP organizational impact on a UAE based hospitality firm + ERP issues and challenges in a UAE based firm


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