Custom Essay Writing – Should You Buy Essays Online?

| August 7, 2015

Custom essay writing services can now be accessed on the internet easily as compared to a decade ago. There are hundreds of websites that deal in selling of essays to college and university students. The sheer number of essay selling sites has raised the concern about the quality of essays being sold by on the sites. There are a few issues that arise about essays bought online:-

  1. Can the essays be trusted?

Students who buy custom written essays online do it for many reasons. The major reason college students buy essays is due to lack of enough time to write the assignments or a deadline that is around the corner. Some students work part-time to fund their education which leaves them with little time to carry out assignments.

Whichever reason makes you buy an essay online; you have to get back value for your money, and the only way to attain this value is if the custom written essay gives you good grades. However, students who buy essays online are faced with the threat of plagiarized (copied) essays.

Some of the essay writing services found on the internet do not have writers to research and write essays from scratch! Instead, they upload essays previously done by students in different fields and sell them to desperate students who are in dire need of custom written essays. This is unethical, and a student risks losing grades when they purchase assignments from such essay writing companies.

  1. Are cited sources reliable?

Another problem faced when buying custom written essays online is the citation. All students understand the importance citation of sources when writing an . Having fake sources cited can have your essay assignment rejected. All educational institutions across the globe are serious about citation because they are what indicate if a student has done research on the assignment given or not.

Buying essays from unprofessional custom essay writing services can land you in a lot of trouble with your lecturer or school administration. Unprofessional essay selling services will cite non-existent or unreal sources to convince you that the assignments have been well researched. You need to be watchful of websites that sell essays on the internet, or you will end up in trouble with your academic institution.

How to avoid fake custom essay writing services

The existence of fake custom essay writing services has grown fear of buying essays online among college students. The fear of ending up with a plagiarized or wrongly cited essay creeps many. But this does not mean that there lacks good essay writing services online.

There is only one rule to observe: Never buy essays from essay selling websites! Instead, always purchase services of essay writing websites that allow you to choose a time-frame that you want the essay assignment completed. It stands as the golden rule and the line between unprofessional and professional essay writing services.

A good essay writing service will offer unlimited customer support and the option of having re-writes of the assignments to meet your desire. Furthermore, they will have a student’s interest at heart.

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