Curriculum Development and Implementation Brainstorm Need help coming up with a lesson plan design for my final project. Please see attached documents for

Curriculum Development and Implementation Brainstorm Need help coming up with a lesson plan design for my final project. Please see attached documents for further information. Willing to pay $25-$50 for help! Curriculum Development and Implementation

Will give $50 total: $25 up front and $25 when complete
Need By: Wednesday, 9/15/2021

Scenario for the Three Assignments: Please reference the scenario created in the previous
assignments attached:

Curriculum Inception

Curriculum Foundations

Assume that you are the curriculum designer for a school district. The school board has
requested that several teams develop proposals for new curricula to meet newly established
state standards. You and your team must develop the first proposal as a pilot or model for the
other teams. You have to first identify a specific curriculum area not currently used in the school
district that would greatly benefit the students in the district. Use the Internet to develop a pilot
curriculum for a specific discipline area such as reading, math, or science or grade level (K–12)
at a local school district.

Instructions: Curriculum Development and Implementation

Write an 8–10 page paper in which you:

Summarize the following aspects of the Curriculum Inception and Foundations assignments.
(a) Describe the specific curriculum area and grade level(s) for the pilot curriculum.
(b) Describe at least four core instructional goals for the curriculum.
(c) Review the various approaches to be used for the planned curriculum as well as potential
cultural influences.
(d) Review the strategy for incorporating critical thinking skills into the planned curriculum using
Bloom’s Taxonomy.
Develop at least three student learning outcomes for each of the core instructional goals in the
planned curriculum. (Note: Student learning outcomes must support accomplishment of their
respective core instructional goal and be stated in a manner that is observable and measurable.
The student learning outcomes must also support development of critical thinking skills
consistent with Bloom’s Taxonomy. A brief article on writing student learning outcomes or
objectives is provided: Writing learning objectives: Beginning with the end in mind .

Outline a least one instructional lesson or exercise that could be used to facilitate mastery of
one of the three student learning outcomes listed.

– (Note: The instructional lesson outline should include instructor activities to promote
mastery of the learning outcome and develop critical thinking skills.

– The outline should also include student activities that promote critical thinking and
accomplishment of the learning outcome.)

Propose at least one way the students for which the lesson is designed will use technology as
part of the lesson, providing a rationale for the technology.
Propose at least one way in which technology will be used to deliver the lesson, providing a
rationale for the technology.

Create an implementation plan for the curriculum in the form of a PowerPoint presentation of at
least eight slides. Include
(a) a summary of the development process (the first two assignments),
(b) the instruction lesson outline,
(c) an implementation timetable,
(d) the human and capital resources needed for successful implementation. (Note: The
PowerPoint, which is not part of the page count, will be presented to the district school board.)
Use at least three relevant, scholarly references published in the last seven years. (May use
references already used from previous assignments.) (Note: Wikipedia and other non
government websites do not qualify as scholarly resources.)


You will build from the previous assignments. Note that you would need to summarize
Assignments 1 and 2 with this submission. Don’t copy the previous assignments. I
would like to see at least 5-6 pages of NEW content for Assignment 3. This equates to
about 1500 – 1800 words. A PowerPoint is required as a separate document.

DISCUSS ALL REQUIREMENTS: Note, do not skip a section. In the previous
assignments, I noticed that some submissions did not include ALL the requirements
below. You MUST discuss, describe, explain the specific assignments. You have to
mention/use the sources in the body of your paper.

USE OF QUOTES/IN-TEXT CITATIONS. Again, your paper must only contain 10-15%
quotes. You cannot have quotes after quotes. In addition, if you are using direct quotes,
you must give credit to where credit is due. Quotation marks are needed for direct
quotes. When you paraphrase, you cannot simply change one word or two from the
original quote. You must use your own words and ideas to provide an interpretation of
what you read. In addition, when you paraphrase or summarize, you need to include
in-text citations.

A PowerPoint is required in addition to the paper. The assignment is worth 300 points,
which is 30% of your grade. Please be as detailed as possible in your explanation.

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