Current Issue dealing with Economics

There is one research project worth 120 points. Your project will be a typed report of a current issue in the news related to microeconomics. YOU are to select the issue that you will research. Further instructions are below. See the syllabus for the grading criteria. The design of all assignments in this course is both to educate you concerning each week’s topic(s) and to assist you in the develoopment of your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This research project assignment asks you to apply problem-solving skills to a microeconomic issues. You need to identify a problem in the news that relates to a microeconomic issue and prepare a 850-1050 word paper in MS WORD that includes a basic problem-solving analysis (six steps listed below). In addition, you will use at least three sources/references from either your readings or online sources, and include your reference bibliography at the end of your report as a separate page. Your assignment is as follows: 1. Provide a clear and concise statement of the problem to be addressed. The problem statement should be no more than two or three sentences, and in many cases could be contained in a single well-crafted sentence. Explain why this is a microeconomic issue. 2. Describe the relevant facts and circumstances related to the issue that you have identified. 3. Consider and discuss how this issue can be turned into an economic opportunity. Explain the essential components of your economic issue. 4. Explain the risks that individuals or businesses or governments could face by attempting to capitalize on the opportunities you identify. 5. Identify the information that individuals or businesses or govenments would need in order to investigate the opportunities. 6. Summarize your findings and give a conclusion that calls for action to implement the opportunities you identified.