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| February 10, 2014

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Find a short article from a current wall street journal (from last 2 months) about an organization that represents a real example of one or more of the topics that have discussed in chapters 1 – 6 from the Textbook for this course
Organizational Theory, Design and Change, Gareth R. Jones, Pearson Prentice Hall, 7th edition, 2013. ISBN: 13: 978-0-13-272994-9
and then
Type up one page a brief summary of the article (just a couple of sentences in your own words and simple), and describe how the article directly ties into one (or more) concepts discussed only in the book chapters 1-6.
Use the new vocabulary at least 6 and prove to me that you have a clear understanding of that concept and can relate it to your real-world example AND UNDERLINE IT.
Here the word list:
• Economies of scale (larger volumes)
• Economies of scope (shared resources)
• Entrepreneurship
• Organizational structure
• Organizational culture
• Control of environment
• Hierarchy
• Agency relation
• Agency relation problem
• Interorganizational Relationships
• Long-term Contract
• Minority Ownership
• Joint Venture
• Franchising
• Outsourcing
• Differentiation
• Subunit Orientation
• Integration
• Rules & Norms
• Socialization
• Formalization
• Mutual adjustment or standardization
Make sure to attach the link of the Wall Street Journal article and make sure its work that I can open.
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