current epidemiological data concerning prevalent risk behaviors

| May 20, 2015

Update scientific findings about the links between biological, psychosocial, and behavioral factors and health.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that highlights the epidemiological data regarding prevalent health-related risk behaviors.
Supplement the insights presented by the Health and Behavior committee with 3 additional empirical studies that examine 3 prevalent health-related risk behaviors. This supplement can either be
Incorporated into your presentation, or
Addressed separately – in a written summary format.


PowerPoint Presentation Only:
Length: 15-20 slides (including an introduction and summary/conclusion).
Include “Supplemental Notes” for each slide, indicating what would be said by the presenter in explaining and elaborating on the content of the slide.
Appropriately cite & reference empirical studies.

PowerPoint Presentation PLUS Summary:
Length: 10-15 slide presentation & 4-6 paragraph summary
Appropriately reference & cite empirical studies.

The following items will be assessed in particular:

Your ability to demonstrate an understanding of epidemiological data regarding prevalent health-related risk behaviors;
In-text references to modular background readings that EXACTLY match a reference list presented at the end of the paper or presentation (APA formatting preferred).

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