Culture Studies and Art 2

| February 11, 2014

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Assess the ways in which
A Passage to India represent the cultural interactions between the British and the native characters. Support your ideas with evidence from the text.
(NB – if you choose A Passage to India, you may refer to the novel and/or the play and/or the film version of the text).
use only the reading listed below A Passage to India Texts:
• Forster, E. M. 1979. A Passage to India. London: Penguin.
• Jay, B., ed. 1998. E. M. Forster: A Passage to India. London: Palgrave Macmillan.
• Trilling, L. 1969. E.M. Forster. London: The Hogarth Press. [Briefly used in Unit 6]
• Brander, L. 1968. E. M. Forster: A Critical Study. London: Rupert Hart-David. [Briefly used in Unit 6]
• Sheen, E. 2000. The Classic Novel from Page to Screen. Manchester: Manchester University Press. [This book has a chapter about Lean’s screen ‘translation’ of Forster’s novel]
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