Culture; Society, Social Interaction

| July 23, 2016

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  1.   the systematic study of human society


  1. Berger (1963) – “seeing the general in the particular”


  1. looking for general patterns from particular



  1. the general categories into which we fall shape our                                                   particular behavior


1)  from book – rich women expect more from                                                                                   their marriages


  1. a) wanted men who were sensitive and                                                                                                               shared their feelings and                                                                                                                              experiences


  1. b) for poor women it was enough that                                                                                                  they aren’t drunks, had jobs, and                                                                                                             weren’t violent


  1. c) people from privilege are more                                                                                                                           confident and optimistic


2)  how does rich and poor affect education?


  1. seeing the “strange in the familiar”


  1. looking at a familiar pattern with “outside” eyes


  1. why did you choose to go here?


  1. how did your place in society shape that decision?


  1. Soc. looks at personal choice in its social context


  1. focuses on the influence of social relationships on                                                                      individuals’ attitudes and behaviors


  1. focuses on how societies are established and

how they change and change us


  1. are any of our decisions not influenced by our

background?  (name one)

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