Culture and Medicine

| February 10, 2014

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Briefly describe the relationship between stigma and the moral aspect of culture and health. Use a stigmatized illness as an example.
Briefly explain how certain types of healing practices (e.g., trances, dance, public healing sessions by shamans, even “psychic surgery”) are acts of collective healing. What does that have to do with culture?
Cultural ecologies can create both external and internal vulnerability to disease. Briefly explain each
In reference to mental/emotional (ethnospychiatric) conditions that occur across cultures, briefly describe the “psychic unity” vs “cultural relativist” positions:
What is a shaman? What type/types of ethnomedical systems are shamans typically associated with?
What is your definition of culture?
According to George Foster’s typology of non-Western systems, a personalistic ethnomedical system is
Select one:
A. an ethnomedical system where individualized care by a physician is a key factor.
B. an ethnomedical system in which diseases/illnesses are said to be caused by the willful action of an individual who seeks to use sorcery or magic to cause harm to another individual.
C. an ethnomedical system in which diseases are understood in relation to the “whole person” – that is the person’s overall lifestyle and situation.
D. in contrast to a group or societal system, a health system where each individual operates with his/her definition of “healthy.”
Please answer the following question and use the following textbook as a reference;
Essentials of Health, Culture, and Diversity by Mark Edberg, Associate Professor, School of Public Health and Please do not use Google or any other internet source to answer these questions. Use the above source, everything should be in these chapters from chapter 1-7
Again no other sources please just use the above textbook
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working in partnership with other professional in health and social care practice.
CHILDREN WHO ARE NOT BREASTFED Likely to have lower immune systems, making them prone to diseases


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