Culture and Change through Annotated Bibliographies

| July 20, 2016

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This week, we will focus on two articles connecting cultural, psychological, and behavioral change through the practice of writing two annotated bibliographies. As leaders in the twenty-first century, it is imperative that culture and change are understood and embraced. As a doctoral student, it is imperative that you grasp the concept of writing annotated bibliographies.


The common saying, stand on the shoulders of previous scholars means that all doctoral work must be based on conceptual and /or theoretical frameworks that exist in the literature. Conceptual frameworks are based on concepts, whereas theoretical frameworks are based on theories. Usually, conceptual frameworks are associated with qualitative studies, and theoretical frameworks are associated with quantitative studies. The articles that we will review this week are based on the theoretical frameworks of Transformational Leadership and Servant Leadership.


During your educational journey, you will be reading an extensive amount of texts and journal articles, and reading takes time. Critical reading will help you to assess the quality of the research articles you will use during all phases of your coursework, and most importantly, for writing your annotated bibliographies and your dissertation. You will write many annotated bibliographies during your doctoral studies, as the annotated bibliographies will be the building blocks of your literature review and final dissertation. Preparing an annotated bibliography is an excellent way to take study notes as well as keep a careful record of what you read for your own future writings and research.

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