Culturally Competent Nursing Care

| February 24, 2015
1 In your own words define culturally competence care. 2 list and explain four (4) guidelines the RN may use to enhance their ability to provide culturally competent care.3 How does the RN incorporate the guidelines noted in #2) into the provision of culturally competent patient centered care in different care settings ( hospital and community) 4 explain why it is important for the RN to accommodate the cultural needs of patient.and how would the RN be able to evaluate if the cultural needs have been met? 5 must cultural practices be accommodated in all aspects of health care? provide specific examples and provide a rationale for each example.part 2 select one of the following cultures form ASIAN, NATIVE AMERICAN, HISPANIC, and answer the questions 1 what are the cultural factors, for the selected cultural that affect nursing care for patient with chronic illness, sensory impairment and at the end of life. 2 provide examples of nursing cultural considerations (nursing interventions) the RN would perform for patient experiencing a chronic illness, a sensory impairment and at the end of life. includes the different age groups developmental levels. the paper must be in APA, and references page. and I will have to turn it in to turnitin through my school to have to checked for similarities and make sure it was not more than 15% matched to any other paper.

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Culturally Sensitive Care
Comparative analysis of three different health systems


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