Culturally Competent Care

| February 24, 2015
Using your own words, define culturally competent care. List and explain four (4) guidelines the registered professional nurse may use to enhance their ability to provide culturally competent care. How does the registered professional nurse incorporate the guidelines (noted in #2) into the provision of culturally competent patient centered care in different care settings (hospital and the community)? Explain why it is important for the RN to accommodate the cultural needs of patients. How would the registered professional nurse be able to evaluate if the cultural needs have been met? Must cultural practices be accommodated in all aspects of health care? Provide specific examples and provide a rationale for each example. Part 2- Demonstrating Culturally Competent Nursing Care Select one of the following cultures then answer the questions listed below. Asian Native American Hispanic What are the cultural factors, for the selected culture, that affect nursing care for patients with chronic illness, sensory impairment and at the end of life? Provide examples of nursing cultural considerations (nursing interventions) the RN would perform for patients experiencing a chronic illness, a sensory impairment, and at the end of life. Includes the different age groups (developmental levels).

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Cultural Safety

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