Cultural/Developmental Paper

| April 22, 2014

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Using a semi-structured interview guide, you will conduct interviews (one to two) with a family member from an older generation. These interviews will focus on ethnic/racial/cultural aspects of your family story. Utilizing the data from these interviews you will construct a 4-6 page paper integrating the data, along with your chosen aspect of ethnic/racial/cultural identity development and the appropriate literature. Remember this is not an autobiography or a project about your family tree, but more of a description of your development through the perspective of your family story. Analyze and compare your story to the storytelling in the ?The Color of Water? book and/or through the movie ?The Namesake.? Both an electronic final copy of the paper must be emailed to the instructor and a hard final copy submitted on the day of the final exam.
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Cultural and Historical Studies
The leisure and play activities of a group of a culture often simultaneously reaffirm and transgress patterns within the culture at times of non-play. Describe the sport and/or leisure activity of a particular group. What is its history within the group? Who participates directly?


Category: Cultural Studies

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