Cultural Change Project

| September 28, 2015

This project involves identifying a cultural issue/problem in your work environment. The problem can be related to gender, race, ethnicity, religion, educational preparation and experience. The problem/issue needs to present opposing views or values between two groups such as nurse /patient population, professional / non-professional staff, a specific religious group / co-workers, new graduates / experienced nurses etc. You may even have a very specific example such as a single patient of a particular cultural group that has presented challenges to the staff in administering care. You will need to identify and assess this issue – how do you know it is a problem? What have you observed? Although you may be fairly certain that this problem exists, you will need to do a literature search for data to support the need for this cultural issue /problem to be addressed. If a minimal amount or no data is found on this issue/problem, you should state this and support why increased awareness and research should be conducted on this issue. Be sure to describe the differences in opposing values or views between the two groups. ( I was thinking new grads vs experienced nurses as a topic, as I work as in a community hospital managing medical surgical units, but whatever will work best keeping in mind where i work)
The proposed outcome for this project needs to take the form of an educational offering prepared for the opposing groups identified. The educational offering can be a series of classes, an in-service/continuing education project, a team building exercise or other time sensitive and creative project. In addition to describing the intervention, discuss what behavioral changes you would expect to see and how you would evaluate the success of the change project.
The PowerPoint presentation should focus on each of the criteria listed in the rubric (see below)– the presentation is not the actual educational offering, although a description of the educational intervention needs to be described in the presentation.
Slide Presentation should be between 15-18 slides including title slide and reference slides(s). Notes to supplement your slide presentation should be typed at the bottom of the slide. Graduate level writing and use of APA format is required.
Introduction and Goals: What is the problem and what do you hope to accomplish? 20 points
Methods of assessment: How do you know it is a problem? (How will you assess the issue?) Who are the key informants (who will you assess?) What are the differences/opposing values that have been assessed? Discuss these. 25 points
Discuss the design of the intervention for the problem. What type of educational offering will you implement? Will it be a single class, self-study, lecture series, team building exercises? Be creative in your description. 20 points
How will you evaluate the success of your project? What behavior change do you expect to see in your participants? 20 points
APA format 15 points – Sources need to be within past 5 years

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Cultural Change Project
Cultural Change Project


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