Cultural Analysis Assignment

| June 21, 2015

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In this assignment, you will present a commentary on an advertisement or popular TV show in the form of an annotated video clip. You will draw on course materials to identify, consider and analyze how the content of your chosen clip reveals and affirms/ enforces cultural norms. You will explain how this clip guides viewers to understand the world in particular ways, and/ or guides viewers to question established norms by challenging or skewering them.

Here is the useful link that

[1] Use these sites/ browser add-ons to download clips. Options available include: (for Firefox)


[1] Use Quicktime  Movie Player, iMovie, Windows Media Maker or similar to trim your clip –if necessary. Youtube also  allows you to trim videos to required length.


[1] How to upload a video to


[1] How to add annotations on


[1] How to add a video on


[1] How to embed a video from




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