Cryptography and Network Security

| May 19, 2015

The objective of this project is to study and critically analyze the implementation of cryptology in an

organization in the UAE. The organization that you select to work on should be medium to large sized

and have an established IT department that employs current technologies in information technology.

Your project will include a detailed study of the organization to ascertain the following:

 Describe the type of business  and their main operations

 Establish the need for network security and how computer security objectives can be met

 Asses the security needs of the organization and evaluate options using the OSI security

 Apply the X.800 security service categories to provide specific security mechanisms to

 Use of symmetric and asymmetric encryption, data integrity algorithms and authentication

 Transport layer security/Electronic mail security/wireless security

Based on the information that you collect from the organization you will need to apply the

concepts learnt in this course to develop a report that includes details on the above information

and a section on the practical application including screenshots as samples for two of the


 Symmetric/Asymmetric Encryption

 Data Integrity Algorithms

 Authentication protocols


This project report (1500 – 2000 words) will include the following sections with a guide to the

information that you may include in each section. You may include any other information that you think

is relevant and adds value to the research and practical work done on this project.

Project Scope and Plan (5%)

– Report should include a project scope that includes details on the project objectives and the

main work that will be completed in each phase. This could be represented in the form of a

scope statement and WBS

– Project Plan should include the summary milestones, timelines for the project deliverables and

work allocations for the team

Organization Description (10%)

applying the CIA triad and the additional concepts


ensure security of systems and data transfers in this organization


– Details of the organization including title, type of business, product/services, IT technologies in

use, applications, systems and data transfer requirements that would need to be considered

– Network security requirements and your plan for how computer security objectives can be met

Use of cryptographic algorithms and protocols (50%)

Describe the use of the following algorithms and protocols to achieve network security in this

– Symmetric Encryption

– Asymmetric Encryption

– Data Integrity algorithms

– Authentication protocols

You will also include samples of its practical application using the tools that have been applied in class.

Web, Electronic mail or Wireless security (10%)

Discuss the security requirements for one of the above with relevance to the business operations

Reflection/Conclusion (10% – Individual)

– Analyze and critically evaluate how network and computer security objectives are met in this

organization and how your proposed solution can help in enhancing the security of their

systems and data transfer.

– Your feedback on:

o How much did this project help in applying the concepts covered?

o What you liked or disliked about this project?

Oral Defense / Interview – 10%

Report format – 5%

– You should follow the HCT guidelines for report formatting and referencing

– Information that you have taken from organization websites or other relevant information such

as interview questions or organization policies should be included in your report as an appendix.


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