Cross Cultural Management Coursework Assignment

| February 11, 2014

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Recent reports in the media suggest that for many migrant workers in the UK their life is akin to a form of modern day slavery. Many live and work in squalid conditions and have serious restrictions placed on their liberty and movement by their employers. Some have their passports taken from them and are held virtual prisoners in a so called developed nation that prides itself on its human rights record.
A recent report produced by the Joseph Rowntree foundation claims:
> Modern slavery exists in the UK in various forms. All exhibit the common elements of the exploitative relationship which have always constituted slavery: severe economic exploitation; the absence of a framework of human rights; and control of one person over another by the prospect or reality of violence. Coercion distinguishes slavery from poor working conditions.
> The UK has tended to address trafficking as an issue of migration control rather than one of human rights.
> Most trafficked people enter the UK legally but become subject to forced labour through a mix of enforced debt, intimidation, the removal of documents and an inadequate understanding of their rights. Statutory agency personnel are often unsure how to assist trafficked migrant workers and keep few or no records as to their subsequent well-being.
> Slavery in contemporary Britain cannot be seen in isolation. Most of those working as slaves in the UK have come from elsewhere, often legally. Slavery is an international issue.
Assignment task
You are required to produce a structured report that assesses issues associated with modern slavery and migration in the UK. Your report should involve research on the extent, nature and implications of enforced and migrant labour in the UK and discuss the difficulties and challenges that this places on business, the economy and society as a whole. Your report should be evidenced based and draw on data from recognised studies relating to modern slavery and migrant labour in the UK. You may wish to focus on particular cultural or ethnic groups or particular industry sectors (e.g. retail or hospitality) or alternatively you may wish to take a broader perspective.
Report Format
Abstract: Summary of about 100 words
Introduction: Setting the context and outlining the structure and approach adopted
Report of main findings from investigation: to include data and secondary literature as appropriate
Discussion of main findings: including an assessment of implications for UK commerce and society as a whole
Conclusion and recommendations
Appendices: May be data, charts or other useful information.
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