Critiquing the integrated management of weeds in a specific operation

| February 14, 2014

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Here is the general guidelines for the report:
1- Select a site. This might be, for example, a cropping, pastoral, or horticultural enterprise or a National Park or local conservation reserve.
2- If possible, you should interview, either by telephone or face-to-face, the person/s responsible for integrated weed management on this site as to what weed control tactics are used, and why. An alternative approach would be to obtain the appropriate information through library and internet sources.
3- Describe the enterprise, the weeds present and the current weed tactics used.
4- Critique the integrated weed management strategy used, and where possible suggest improvements. Ensure that your suggestions are both biologically and economically sound.
5- You will need to browse ahead through the unit notes to find relevant information, but make sure you use your own words.
6- Structure the assignment according to the following outline (also view marking sch Introduction (overall background in which your assignment is set and its aims) Methods (describe who was interviewed, their background, and how you acquired your information)?Results (enterprise description, weeds present and weed management tactics used). Discussion (in which you critique the integrated weed strategy developed, identifying its strengths and weaknesses, success, future problems and possible improvements)
Conclusion (summary of main findings). References (those used to provide background information). Ensure they are correctly cited; use the journal ‘Weed Research’ as an example of how to do this, as well as an example of how to correctly cite names of species. Online access to all the course materials will be provided once the writer is identified.
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