Critique on the Film Psycho

| April 22, 2014

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Please write a critique on the film Psycho. The critique should be a 3 -4 page word document, MLA style. It is required to use the textbook and library resources (print media and/or other research tools such as the Internet or CD-ROM) to research information. Make sure to cite your sources. A critique should reflect observations made throughout the film and should not be limited to a discussion on the topic of the unit or a summary of the movie.
Watch the entirety of the film Psycho, from the streaming video resources and pay specific attention to the way the camera moves in the film.
The word ?cinema? comes from the Greek word kinema, which means movement. In Psycho, pay close attention to the camera movement, and also to the movement of the actors. In your paper, discuss 7 instances of camera movement, and how they affect the storytelling. Pay particular attention to the camera movement during scenes immediately before and after violence occurs. How does the camera movement reflect the actions on screen, and enhance the story?
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