Critique of Published Research Article

| September 28, 2015

This assignment requires you to review the provided article (uploaded document) and need to be completed in three sections (Summary, critique and discussion) as it is shown below.
Please follow strictly the following format:
1. The title of the research review should be different from the title of the paper being reviewed. 

2. Summary (400 words max)
In this section where you would describe in details the provided article, through giving a summary of the aims of the study, the setting, design, sample (including participants details), methods (including The research process used, including any interventions and outcomes measured), results and conclusion of the published study.
Students Please Note that Reproduction of the article abstract is not permitted.
3. Critique (400 words max)
This is where you would critique the article… so do some research on the type of method they have used – what sort of measures of rigour apply to this method and how have they have fulfilled these measures of rigour? Are the findings and conclusions they have drawn reliable?
Include in your critique the methodological quality, ethical considerations and limitations.
4. Discussion and conclusion (400 words max)
In this section you will discuss this chosen article in relation to other articles that have investigated this topic. Does this article support findings in other similar studies or do the findings differ? If they differ, can you think of any explanation for this?
**You should finish your discussion section with a conclusion – after looking at this article in the context of past research, what is the significance of the article’s findings and how do you think clinicians should use these findings in their clinical practice?
1. You need to use at least 15 references to support your argument.
2. The bulk of this review should be dedicated to a thorough and considered critique of the paper, both in relation to the quality of the research, and where this research is positioned in relation to other published work in the area. Please note that, for this assessment only, you should follow the referencing convention of the provided journal article.

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Critique of Published Research Article
Critique of Published Research Article


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