Critique a research article

| July 13, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Research article PDF must contain a family theory in the research, with implications for nursing. Please follow the instructions for the assignment.

FAMILY RESEARCH CRITIQUE: grade worth maximum of 20 points

  1. Select a nursing research article utilizing a family theory, preapproved by faculty.
  2. Critique selected research, including from a family a family perspective .
  3. Discuss applicability of research findings in clinical practice. Incorporate course readings when appropriate, with citations.
  4. Content to include – how is family defined, are assumptions identified from the theory, how are theory concepts incorporated into the research?
  5. All papers must conform to the standard academic format, APA style 6th ed, and be free of spelling, grammatical, and typographical errors. In addition, the paper should be cleanly type written, and submitted to SAKAI forum by due date and time. Please include an intro and a conclusion.
  6. Length of paper – 5 – 7 pages, not including title page and references.

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