Critically evaluate the primary cause of failure in entering an international market by a company of your choice.

| April 29, 2015

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Coursework feedback/correction from lecturer.



  • talk about their international market and other countries they operating
  • talk about their profits or sales in those countries to judge how successful they are,eg how much of their success comes from outside





under critical analysis


  • Pest analysis>> data is needed, purchasing power, disposable income, inflation and how big coffee industry is in does this information gathered influenced the entry of starbucks.


Social culture:use CULTURAL THEORIES,focusing on the ones that influence starbucks coffee market.




Need to mention who are starbucks competitors in japan, what are their advantages. what are star bucks competitive advantage  and compare with that of starbucks.

Because of the competition, is it difficult to enter the market, is it expensive. are those competitors of starbuck in japan  in international market or local competitors.



Market entry mode.

Talk about advantages, disadvantages, cost, control etc.

Talk about the challenges they face in entering the market also.





  • Talk about their customers in japan,their main characteristics, and whether starbucks is different from its competitors.describe the customers in japan.


POSITIONING>>talk about how the customers saw the brand positioning of starbucks against its competitors.

  • Select criteria, pricing, quality ,atmosphere, experience. and that will tell if its functional ,emotional or both.


Marketing P’s

  • Include facts, figures and evaluation of the information in each P.
  • Talk about starbucks in japan
  • What was starbucks pricing strategy,was it premium pricing?
  • Physical P,how is starbucks different from its competitors store, layout and architecture.



There should be a section under conclusion for recommendation, eg how they could improve their entry from the result.


  • Marketing and business research report.
  • Articles


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