Critically evaluate how effectively and sustainably Mercedes- Benz has utilised the marketing mix in a country of your choice

| March 22, 2015

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3000 Words.
Read the following case study:
Cosgrave, D. (2013). Mercedes-Benz: The Best or Nothing, In Jobber, D. and F. Ellis-Chadwick, Principles and Practice of Marketing, 7th edition, London: McGraw Hill, pp.302-304.
As a guide you should:
(a) Critically evaluate using appropriate scholarly literature how Mercedes- Benz may have utilised the marketing mix theories (50 Marks)
(b) Critically discuss how in your view Mercedes- Benz may have practically deployed the marketing mix in your chosen country. You should use a range of practitioner sources to support your points (i,e. Broadsheet newspapers available on Nexis, reputable new agencies, documentaries via Box of Broadcasts etc) (50 Marks)
Do not address the questions (if any) at the bottom of the printed case study.
Please note that you should use the printed case study as a starting point in your analysis, as you are expected to undertake your own desk research to update your understanding of the current corporate context of the company in the case study.
You may find the following paper on the extended case study method of assessment useful in guiding your preparation:
This course book must be referenced:
Essentials of Marketing by Dr. Frances Brassington. ISBN: 978-0273687856.
and Kotler and Keller, 2008; Kotler et al 2009.
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