Critically discuss how childhood and youth research builds on a series of values, beliefs and images about children and young people.

| February 17, 2014

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You have to useSuggested approach
The main sources of material for this assignment are:
1)Module Reader Chapter 1 by Kellett (cite as ‘Kellett (2014)’ in your assignment)
2)Module Reader Chapter 2 by Fraser et al. (cite as ‘Fraser, Flewitt and Hammersley (2014)’ in your assignment)
3)Module Reader Chapter 3 by Cooper (cite as ‘Cooper (2014)’ in your assignment)
4)Module Reader Chapter 4 by Bucknall (cite as ‘Bucknall (2014)’ in your assignment)
5(Pahl, K. and Pool, S. (2011) ?�”Living your life because it’s the only life you’ve got”: Participatory research as a site for discovery in a creative project in a primary school in Thurnscoe, UK’, Qualitative Research Journal, vol. 11, no. 2, pp. 17–37.
Suggested structure
In your introduction you could outline the idea that the approaches that researchers employ draw on a series of beliefs, values and images regarding children and young people.
In the main part of your discussion you could refer to distinct research examples which illustrate the diverse ways in which childhood and youth research is carried out, and how these approaches are underpinned by the beliefs, values and images held by researchers about children and young people and the methods suitable for exploring their everyday lives.
In your conclusion, it is important to draw together any main points about how values, beliefs and images of childhood and youth are influenced by disciplinary boundaries, and the impact that these differences may have on the methodology used in research.
Add a list of references (see guidance). The title and list of references are not counted in the 2000 words maximum allowed for this assignment.
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