Critically assess the role of fathers in relation to family consumption. Drawing on specific examples evaluate the visual depiction of fathers in contemporary TV or print media (Provide images or links to specific campaigns)

| October 21, 2015

Useful references:
Marshall, D., Davis, T., Hogg, M., Petersen, A. and Schneider, T. (2014) From
overt provider to invisible presence: discursive shifts in advertising portrayals
of the father in Good Housekeeping, 1950-2010. . Journal of Marketing
Management, 30, 15-16, November, 1654-1679.
Coskuner-Balli, G. and Thompson, C.J. (2013) The Status Costs of Subordinate
Cultural Capital: At-Home Fathers’ Collective Pursuit of Cultural Legitimacy through
Capitalizing Consumption Practices. Journal of Consumer Research, Vol. 40, No. 1
(June), pp. 19-41.

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