Critically assess claims that some groups disproportionately offend and are disproportionately victimised on the basis of Race and Class.

| May 26, 2014

Following on from this premise, the fact that large numbers of black and Asian people end up in the criminal justice system (compared to the rest of the population) would indicate greater involvement in crime, compared to white people. But does it??What we need to find out is whether the higher representation of black, Asian and ethnic minority suspects in the CJS is indicative of their greater involvement in offending, OR whether they are discriminated against by the police and other CJS agencies.
Data on offences from Home Office UK showed that young Asian people are over-represented and young whites are significantly underrepresented.
Stop and search figures, Arrests and Imprisonment, An issue of over-representation. Victims of crime, Problems with official crime data, compare British crime survey data and self –report surveys. Are they reliable?

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