Critical Thinking Discussion #4

| October 26, 2015

Critically think about the readings and videos that you have learned from during weeks 5 and 6. Then take time to discuss how past and current laws and policies continue to negatively impact Hispanic children and families that have mixed immigration status. Finally describe effective advocacy skills that will increase access to human right protections and services for Hispanic children and families that have mixed status.

Tip: Please remember to add a subject line to your post. Use descriptive subject lines for your posts; some find it easier to write the subject line after writing the post.

Grading: Please see Grading Criteria and Rubric in the Syllabus.

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Terrorist cells and even larger terrorist organizations have been made superfluous in the wake of the rise of “leaderless resistance” and so-called “lone wolf” or single actor terrorism. Discuss.
Reintegrating children in armed conflict in sub-Saharan Africa


Category: Political Science

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