| April 6, 2014

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Please watch the video through the following links

I also attach all the things you need to read before writing !!! please read them carefully
here is the instruction of the paper:
– watch the video first, and analysis it with the following aspect, apply the theory and concept. i will attach the possible theory you need to read before writing, but you don?t have to apply all of them, just choose two or more to analyze the video because this is only 3 pages essay, you cannot apply all to have good analysis. You also can connect two related theory together to analyze the video)
– What is the main argument of the video? What is it trying to show us? What is the focus of the video?
– This is not a summary of concepts and theories. Use the concepts and the theories we discussed to analyze the video’s main argument and focus points. For example, culture,, deviance, socialization, social-conflict theory, social inequality, religion, gender etc (I will attach all the theories to you, you don?t need to apply all, just choose one or two through the detailed analysis, you also can connect two or more theory together to analyze the video)
– it expected to analyze the video with sociological concepts. Just giving definitions of the concepts and not relating them to the video is not acceptable.
? this paper need very clear, main point included thesis statement
– Give examples or give your own experiences and place them in the larger context of social issues (use your sociological imagination!).
– Support your ideas/examples with the sociological concepts and sociological theories.
– do not summarize the content of this video
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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The key difference between argument and persuasion is that persuasion necessitates your selection of a specific audience to which the writing is addressed.

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