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| April 3, 2014

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First read my paper (what I attached) and read ch14, 15.(I attached) Then read two other student paper and write comment each paper based on my paper(100-150words each comment)
p.s the paper is about After reading Ch 14, pick five questions from the Critical Thinking Inventory (pp. 159-60) and answer them briefly to help you start taking inventory of your habits of mind. After reading Ch 15, reflect upon one of your classes or some other interesting recent experience you’ve had (riding the subway, walking through Manhattan, flying in an airplane), and write a descriptive paragraph recalling all observations about various behaviors you witnessed and interactions between people you can recall (like that between professor and students, or riders on the subway, or flight attendants and passengers…). Comment on how good of an observer you think you really are.

Student 1 paper – After reading chapters fourteen and fifteen I couldn’t help but think about how my mind thinks. I began thinking how sensitive I am and how I never used to be but within the past couple of years I have become more sensitive; also how I have become more focused on trying to become more successful and having a fear of falling behind. I realize that these are all habits of the mind.

My boyfriend always tells me how I’m a people watcher and I tell him I got that from my grandma. Whenever I go to a restaurant, fly in an airplane, ride on the train, or go anywhere really, I tend to people watch. Thinking about it, it does sound a bit creepy and weird but it’s just something I’ve always done. I’m not intentionally being nosey but I love observing the way other people interact, how they eat their food, and how they dress. Just last week I flew down to Texas and went out to 6th street in Austin one night. While sitting at the bar with my cousin and his friends I caught myself focusing on all of the people walking down 6th street. I was so interested on how they dressed and the way they talked. Being in a state other than NY and people watching can be quite interesting. I observed some girls dressed as if they were at a wedding, some dressed like they were going to a rodeo, and some well not very dressed at all. I wondered if they were from Texas or they were visitors like me. I did observe how kind and respectful people were down south. I experienced situations that everyone brushed off their shoulders where in NY they would have caused a fight. All in all I think I am a VERY observant person.

Student 2 paper – After reading chapters 14 and 15 and answering that short quiz I would say I know myself. But what would other people say to those same questions? Maybe not the same answers and does that mean that they don’t know me as well as I think they would.

1) Exactly what influences have shaped my identity? my family How have they done so? through their own life experiences and being brought up a certain way How has my self-image been affected? making me a stronger women today In what situations am I less an individual because of these influences? being to strong and not letting too many people in my personal life

2) In what ways am I like the good thinker? I like to think things through and not be rushed In what ways like the poor thinker? being influenced to fast by someone I love What kinds of situations seem to bring out my best and worst qualities? My best qualities come out when I am surrounded by real people and ones that care about me and I care about them. My worst qualities come out when someone does something wrong to me I will forgive but never forget.

3) To what extent has my perspective on truth been reasonable? The truth is when you get an answer that comes from the heart, that is real. I believe something to be true you should stick with your gut.

4) How careful a I about seperating hearsay and rumor from fact? I’m the type of person that if a rumor is being spread and I know that person they deserve the right to know who and what is being said about them. About distinguishing the known from assumptions or guesses? These both can be false and should go straight to the source. How difficult is it for me to say "I don’t know" turn that into I will find out or know what you are talking about.

5) How consistent am I in taking the trouble to make my opinions informed? It really depends on the topic and what my views are.

My sister says I am always watching people and paying attention to what they are doing. Everytime I am on a plane I always watch what the other people are doing, acting, talking about. I don’t think I am noisy but observant. My sister will say for me to stop staring which I’m not most of the time, but I want to be aware of my surroundings especially if your sitting next to me. I have been a passenger on a airplane since I was 7 years old so I was taught to know where I am at all times and who I need to pay attention to and how to act.

example of comment- Good post!!
I enjoyed how you included your answers to the little quiz. I also took the quiz and compared it to yours and almost had all of the same answers! I have to say that I laughed a little when I read your statement about having to take a step back to listen to another persons argument because I am sometimes the same way! Sometimes I get so confident and convince myself that I am right that I don’t even realize that the other person has a good point to their side of the argument. When this happens I take a step back and laugh at how much confidence I THINK I have in myself
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