critical Theory and interpretation – ‘politics in architecture – Marxism and user Participation’

| August 27, 2015

critical Theory and interpretation – ‘politics in architecture – Marxism and user Participation’

Politics in Architecture – Marxism and User Participation:
• Ralph Erskine’s Byker Wall

Essential Reading: Hale, J.,Building Ideas: An Introduction to Architectural Theory,
London: Wiley-Academy, 2000

Recommended Reading: Leach, N., (ed.) Rethinking Architecture, London: Routledge, 1997.
Frampton, K., Modern Architecture: A Critical History, London: Thames & Hudson, 1992.
Pallasmaa, J., The Eyes of the Skin: Architecture and the Senses, London: Wiley 2005.

Background Reading: See reading list on the Blackwells website:

Write a critical ‘article’ on a recently completed building, (since 1990) utilising one of the
interpretive strategies (‘theoretical positions’) outlined in the five main lectures. You should give
some explanation of (and historical background to) the interpretive strategy adopted, ie briefly
describe the philosophical origins and principles. You are strongly encouraged to select a building
which you have visited (or can visit) yourself and you should also illustrate your essay with
photographs and drawings (basic plans and sections are essential). You should make use of
references and direct quotations from the lectures, recommended readings and your own research
in books and journals. You must provide a bibliography (listed in alphabetical order by authors’ last
names) of between 10 and 20 items, at least half of which must be printed sources (ie books or
journal articles).

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