critical review of literature ( dynamic gait index )

| February 12, 2014

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Hi , this assignment about ” dynamic gait Index ” contains 3000 words , and divides into 2 parts :
Part A : ( Critical appraisal )
– 2000 words.
-Justification for the chosen outcome measurement ” dynamic gait index”. ( Why you want to do on it ?)
-Validity and Reliability of ” dynamic gait index” in a selected population.
-issues related to the clinical application of the outcome.
– Critical appraisal of research papers evaluating ” dynamic gait index” in selected patient populations.
-Recommendation regarding the use of this outcome measure in clinical practice.
– we should write about strength and weak points.
– Reliability , Validity, Limitation ( explain each point in the limitation ) and why use this outcome measure.
Part B : ( Critical Reflection )
– 1000 words.
-for this section and about the whole assignment , I will upload the information , you can find it in the attachment.
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