Critical Reflective Self-evaluation

| February 14, 2014

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This task requires you to undertake a critical reflective self-evaluation of your skills, competencies and characteristics that demonstrate your potential as a future change agent. 1800 words
Section one (1,600 words): Using the criteria identified in Buchanan and Boddy’s (1992) list of the categories of an effective change agent ie:
Focus/ objectives; Role competencies/skills; Communication competencies/skills; Negotiation competencies/skills and Managing up capability.
You are required to write a brief critical reflective self-evaluation against each of these five categories.
You should NOT evaluate yourself against all 15 competencies that Buchanan & Boddy identify, but you should refer to at least one competency in each of the five categories.
This will involve you identifying and reflecting on your own personal strengths and weaknesses/ skills & competencies in these areas using examples of events, activities or projects that you have been involved in to illustrate this. This might be academic/ social and or work achievements/ experiences. You are not just describing these, but demonstrating deeper reflective insights from these into your own potential as a change agent – where possible showing how you have changed & developed over time.
As you consider each of the five categories, you should also critique just how important you think each of these categories are in terms of being an effective change agent, you will reach your own priorities in terms of significance/ importance of each category. You should also draw on the wider literature/ theories of change agency and if appropriate make reference to particular role models of change.
Section two (200 words): Based on your reflective self-evaluation you are required to identify weaknesses and areas of potential self-development. This section should discuss what steps you could take to enhance or develop your skills and competencies as a potential change agent or to overcome or minimise particular weaknesses. You should refer to the guidance notes on reflective writing attached to this briefing.
Whilst it is perfectly acceptable for this assessment to take the form of a conventional written document, you are encouraged to consider more creative ways of presenting your self-evaluation and development. For example this could take the form of a poster. Whichever style or method of presentation you decide upon, it is important that you include a reference section, detailing all sources, theories or models used to help underpin your self-evaluation.
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