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| October 28, 2015

You have write the trial essay for me before, i will upload the feedback for the trial essay, and this piece will need you to read the five ppt that i have selected and write all the fie topics from the five powerpoints.
Using library databases, find one research article for each of your chosen seminar topics. You will, therefore, end up with five seminar topics and five related journal articles. To find your research articles, you will need to search the Library data-bases for peer-reviewed journals which address your topics. These will normally be in critical social psychology, sociology, anthropology and cultural studies. Your research articles need to be empirical (present qualitative data such as interviews or focus groups) or theoretical (address theories of self and society) or both (combine qualitative data and theory). This is a list of recommended journals to search:
Annual Review of Critical Psychology Body & Society
British Journal of Social Psychology Critical Discourse Studies
Culture & Psychology Culture, Health & Sexuality Discourse & Society Feminism & Psychology Health: London
Journal of Narrative Theory Journal of Sociology Narrative Inquiry Psychology & Health
Assessment Requirements
Psychology & Society Qualitative Health Research Qualitative Inquiry
Self & Identity
Sociology of Health and Illness Somatechnics
Theory & Psychology
3. For each of your chosen articles, discuss in 500 words:
a) how it relates to the relevant seminar;
b) the methods or approach of the article (interviews, focus groups, theory); c) the findings.
4. In addition, write an introduction (200 words) and a conclusion (300 words) for your essay. The introduction should: explain to the reader which five seminars you have chosen and the accompanying articles; briefly alert the reader to the key features of the essay argument to follow. The conclusion should reflect on the five articles you have chosen in terms of how they each further knowledge and debate in critical social psychology.

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