Critical Evaluation of an Existing Social Marketing Programme-truth® campaign

| August 19, 2015

Critical Evaluation of an Existing Social Marketing Programme-truth® campaign

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Critical Evaluation of an Existing Social Marketing Programme
The topic that I choose is – truth® campaign
the materials for the truth® campaign tackling youth smoking I will upload later.

Hi folks, in this folder you will find files relating to a selection of social marketing programmes: truth®; Measure Up; Speeding No One Thinks Big of You; VERB; Road Crew; and Change4Life.

You can choose one of these social marketing programmes to write your individual essay for Assessment 2: Critical Evaluation of an Existing Social Marketing Programme. However, please note that you are not limited to writing your critical essay on one of these examples I have posted. Please feel free to consider other programmes – there are examples in the course textbook and elsewhere such as the NSMC Case Study Databse:

Also, please note that whilst I have loaded up some relevant literature and materials for a selection of social marketing programmes this is not an exhaustive list of materials. Part of the assessment task is that you need to use your research skills to identify and incorporate relevant literature and materials into your essay. Use the library databases, the textbook, Google searches, and the various social marketing resources available online and elsewhere to help you in writing your essay.

Remember that official project resources, and evaluation papers on interventions will often only tell the positive side of a project. So it is down to you to carefully analyse your selected social marketing programme from a critical perspective.

write in a style that offers a critical, objective and informed analysis. It is key to remember to describe, analyse and interpret when writing.

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