Critical Essay Blade Runner

| February 11, 2014

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watch the film Blade Runner, and write a Critical Essay in which you identify the way in which at least three stylistic and three thematic devices of film noir are used to convey the basic question raised by this film of what it means to be a human being in the postmodern world Film noir is both a genre and a style of films made first, between 1941 and 1958 (the classic film noir period), then, between 1960 and 1980 (the modernist neo-noir period), and finally, between 1981 and the present (the postmodernist neo-noir period), and characterized by the use of all or some of the following thematic devices: 1) an anti-hero protagonist who, although essentially a good guy, makes questionable moral decisions; 2) a general mood of dislocation and bleakness; 3) themes such as the inversion of traditional values and the corresponding moral ambivalence; 4) the feeling of alienation, paranoia, and cynicism; 5) the presence of crime and violence as social criticism; 6) the disorientation of the viewer, which is in large part accomplished by the use of the following cinematic techniques which are the basic stylistic devices of film noir and neo-noir film: 1) the use of unconventional or nonclassical narrative patterns which point to the problems of truth and objectivity and our ability to know and understand reality — the very basis of post-Nietzschean, Existentialist, Modernist (and Postmodernist) thought (see below); 2) the constant opposition of light and shadow; 3) oblique camera angles, and their disruptive compositional balance of frames and scenes; 4) the way characters are placed in awkward and unconventional positions within shots; 5) the non-chronological ordering of events, often achieved through flashbacks; 6) incoherent plot lines; 7) characters whose actions are not motivated or understandable in any rational way.
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