Critical & Contextual Studies Roughly 1000-1500 words

| October 25, 2015

Writing excercise: 400 word precis of the set reading ‘What is Art’ by Nigel Warburton.  The text itslef is only 2 pages out of a book.Add three short direct quotations from the article ‘What is Art?’, using footnotes to references the source. (50-200 words added to your 400 piece ‘What is Art?’) Also, add a bibliography.

Assignment: A short piece of writing describing an image or object as if to a blind person. (200 words)

Assignment: A short piece of writing which interprets the meaning of the object or artwork you have just described. (250 words)

Assignment: Write a short piece about an artwork or photograph that deliberately references another artwork or photograph. (300 words) Choose any work of Glenn Brown

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