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| April 3, 2014

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You will critically analyse your chosen protocol, in the form of a 2500 word academic essay. You should focus on evaluating the relative strengths and weaknesses of the research and evidence described in the protocol, using the guiding questions (BELOW) as the basis for your appraisal. Please note that you should not just present a question and answer format – you must write this in an academic essay style so that your analysis based on the guiding questions flows as an integrated piece of work.
You are expected to justify comments and analysis with reference to literature.
You are trying to determine the strengths and limitations of the protocol, including the evidence which underpins the protocol and in so doing its relevance to your practice, in the same way that you would review a research or opinion based article to determine its strengths or limitations in supporting your discussion.
Protocol to be analysed
GUIDELINE: Initiation of Patient Controlled Epidural Analgesia (PCEA) and Assessment of Motor and Sensory Response in Hip and Knee Surgery Patients Post Combined Spinal Epidural Anesthesia
Department of Nursing
Population/Specialty-Based Clinical Guideline
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