Critical Analysis of Media Text

| July 23, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

To be successful in this assignments, students need to do the following:

1.Review the information provided by the lecturer on how to analyse a text

  1. Do some additional research into how to write a critical analysis of a visual image
  2. Offer a critical interpretation of what the text is ‘saying’ and how the text evokes

feelings and/or attitudes in the audience

  1. Provide a glossary of any difficult or unfamiliar words in their analysis


Assignment Criteria:

  • Each student must write 200 to 250 words
  • Students must define any difficult, or unfamiliar words, in a glossary page that must

be handed in with the analysis

  • Students must use formal language in their written analysis
  • Typed analysis should follow the parameters below:

o Must be double spaced

o Must use Times New Roman Font

o Must be 12 point

Marks will be awarded on an individual basis for the following:

ü Content

ü Use of formal language

ü Ability to analyse the image

ü Ability to identify the purpose and audience of the text

ü A glossary of terms attached to the analysis

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