Critical analysis of Aristotle Books I-III

| May 19, 2015

Why do we/should we study the good?

Do you agree with Aristotle that Happiness is the highest good/the ultimate end? Why or why not?

In your experience, does acting in accordance with virtue make man happy? What about you as an individual? How does your experience correlate (or not) with Aristotle’s thinking?

What kind of of education in virtue have you received? Do you act in accordance with what you were taught? Why or why not?

Why do people act unvirtuously? Is it because they were instructed incorrectly? Because they formed unvirtuous habits and were unable to correct them? What would Aristotle say?

Aristotle tells us to be on guard against pleasure–is pleasure a bad influence on our choices?

Are actions made under duress really voluntary? Can their virtue be fairly judged?

Imagine your closest loved ones are being held hostage, and you’ve been told that the only way to save them is to kill another person? What would you do? How would Aristotle advise you?


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