Crisis Comm

| October 28, 2015

This is a comm group project.
I am covering a case study on the American car industry in the economic crash of 2008-2009.
We have to write on media, and demonstrate contrasts used about the crisis first before the recession, next during the recession, and last how it’s being handled now.
First, cover the aftermath of the crisis. How did it affect the car companies directly. How much did our culture change when we were strapped for cash. What changed about the industry and did they do anything to help the economy? Did they react fast enough? Judge and analyze the company response and please cite from book.
Next, Please use media successfully to create comparison on a few levels—please find a commercial comparison (share links on youtube), press stories, news releases, and press conferences; for each one of these get an example of before, during, and after(now) the crisis. These must be used to back up the assertions about how successful the organization was during analysis. Thus, use the actual company examples and analyze them; all media in the list must be covered. The total here for all the above should be 5 pages.
Last, wrap up with this question: How successful was the result of the action taken to both end and in the future prevent the crisis? 1 page

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