Criminology Quiz

Question 1

Discuss the origin and development of rational choice theory and its basic assumptions.

Question 2

Differentiate between offense-specific crimes and offender-specific crimes.
Incorporate examples of each in your discussion.

Question 3

Describe how criminals structure crime.

Question 4

Based on the course readings so far, discuss how one’s moral development influences their risk of committing crime.

Question 5

Discuss the purpose of data mining? When it is used?

Question 6

According to Wolfgang, how is a delinquent offender responsible for more than half of all serious crimes.

Question 7

Describe the victim’s role in the crime process.

Question 8

Discuss the difference between crime and deviance; between a felony and a misdemeanor.

Question 9

Describe and discuss the term, “cycle of violence”.

Question 10

Discuss the association between social class and crime.

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