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| March 13, 2020

The terrorist organizations of Al-Qaeda and ISIS have both greatly affected not only the United States by the entire world. Al-Qaeda is a terrorist organization founded by Osama Bin Laden during the Soviet-Afghan War. Al-Qaeda as been a prime target for the United States due to the events of 9/11. Now due to the United States military has greatly been involved in fighting this terrorist which has lessen their numbers since it’s established in the 1980s. The following citation allows you to understand Al-Qaeda current foothold or affect for the world. “And while al Qaeda was weakened, the group began “quietly rebuilding” following instability in the wake of the Arab Spring, according to the Council on Foreign Relations. “… It appears that al Qaeda was among the regional forces that benefited most from the (2011) Arab Spring’s tumult,” the nonpartisan think tank reports. “Seven years later, Ayman al-Zawahiri has emerged as a powerful leader, with a strategic vision that he has systematically implemented. Forces loyal to Al-Qaeda and its affiliates now number in the tens of thousands” (2018). As you can see this terrorist has survived and will continue to survive. Now one of the most current or newest terrorist groups which has been seen all over our media is ISIS or Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. This organization has completely hazarded and destroyed the countries of Iraq and Syria. The following citation show its current status and strength. “The Islamic State can still tap a large war chest of as much as $400 million, which has been hidden in either Iraq and Syria or smuggled into neighboring countries for safekeeping. It is also believed to have invested in businesses, including fish farming, car dealing and cannabis growing. And ISIS uses extortion to finance clandestine operations: Farmers in northern Iraq who refuse to pay have had their crops burned to the ground” (Schmitt, Rubin & Gibbons, 2019). I would say the main thing to note and is something that concerns me is that $400 Million dollars. Besides followers one of the biggest things that a terrorist organization needs to be successful is money. I feel like with this amount of money they will be very successful. Now I would say the main organization to be worried about is ISIS. ISIS is still trying to make a name for themselves and have not put a blow or statement to the United States. So, I think they want to do this and are planning major attacks, so the United States Homeland needs to be concern.

I really agree with the statement for the second question. AQ and ISIS have an amazing ability to adapt. Now before I can answer this question you need to understand that things terrorist organization did merge or the fact that ISIS was branched off or started by AQ. One of the biggest differences between these organizations is their target choice. ISIS goes for the close target i.e. targets in their homeland of the Middles East. Whereas AQ goes for the far target or they try to have a research across the world. Now I do believe that these organization will merge together out of necessity. Both organizations are losing both money and persons. They will come to together in order to have both people and money to be successful. Now I do think they will merge then once they build up their numbers will break off again.

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