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| March 26, 2015

Instructions Background: We have discussed and read about the enormous problems and issues that affect the corrections field today. We are faced with issues that include illiteracy, sickness, mental illness, drug and alcohol addiction, prison gangs, overcrowding, dwindling resources etc. Correctional leaders also need to prepare inmates to go home and be productive citizens and to reduce recidivism. As a result, Correctional administrators have to spend their limited resources wisely and get the most value for their efforts. Assignment: Select a program area that you would like to explore to determine the best practices or exemplary programs operated by correctional systems. Research the field of corrections, correctional journals, correctional periodicals, various departments of corrections, and other resources to identify exemplary correction programs for the area that you have selected. Determine the elements of these programs that make them exemplary and would be considered best practice in the correctional field. Write up your findings in a report that provides a description of the program, the elements that lead to the success of the program, and the program structure and design that provide for an effective and successful correctional program. The possible best practices program choices: •Correctional Mental Health •Correctional Health Care •Correctional Education •Correctional Substance Abuse •Reentry Programs •Parole and Probation Supervision •Correctional Sex Offender Programs If you have another area that you would like to explore for this project, contact the instructor for permission to research another program area. The submitted project must be a minimum of five pages of 12-point font , double-spaced type, not including cover page and References. Resources must be reflected on a Reference page, using APA citation rules. Paper Formatting requirements: •Cover page: Include the title of your paper, your name, class title and date of submission. •Section 1-Introduction: Make an introductory statement about the topic of your paper, what points you are attempting to make or discover? Provide the purpose of your paper. •Section 2: Provide a description of the program you have selected. •Section 3: Discuss the key elements of the program that will make it successful. •Section 4: Discuss any empirical evidence or other evidence that demonstrates effectiveness. •Section 5-Conclusion: Based on your analysis of the readings and research, explain why you think this program will be effective and how it will compliment other inmate programs. •References: References must be correctly cited using APA citation rules.

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