Criminal law

| April 18, 2014

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The assignment is based upon a factual scenario and then the questions must be answered in full whilst adhering to the 2500 word limit, a introduction and conclusion is not required as I will type that myself, I would like a minimum of 3 sources (i.e case studies/ case law) to be included per question and to be fully Harvard referenced please. I will include the factual scenario and questions and some extra guidelines on how the essay should be completed. I do not need the work structured in an essay format, all I need is the questions to be answered, I will structure the essay myself afterwards. Please use the entire 2500 words to answer the questions and nothing else.
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Irregular warfare
How has the play, ?The Real Inspector Hound? by Tom Stoppard developed your knowledge of the evolution of the Crime Writing genre


Category: Criminology

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