Criminal Justice/Library assignment

| February 10, 2014

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You will need to use the library to research a piece of criminal justice research. I would like you to find a journal article from an academic journal. You should read it and then summarize it. This is reading and evaluating a piece of research that was done and published in an academic journal.
Do not just read the abstract or just read the author?s summary.
This is a list of things you should consider including in your summary:
You should consider questions like what are the variables.
What is the author trying to find out?
How did they do the research?
Did they have a hypothesis?
What did the research show?
What did you find interesting?
Did anything surprise you?
How could they do the research in a different way?
What could they change, etc? You don?t have to answer all of these questions but these are just a few things to consider after reading it.
In your write up, you do not need a title page. You do need to include a complete bibliography. I will be looking at the article you read.
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