Criminal Justice Satisfaction

| March 26, 2015

Criminal Justice Satisfaction

In this Group Project, each team member will provide individual research on the criminal justice sat


The article you choose should specifically pertain to criminal justice satisfaction surveys.

Each team membermust use a different source. The final Group Project will contain a compilation ofthe group members’reports.

Assignment Guidelines:

As an individual group member, you will complete the following:

  • Research the topic of “Criminal Justice Satisfaction” using the Library and the Web.
  • Choose an article from a journal related to criminal justice satisfaction.
  • Communicate with other group members to ensure that each member has selected a different article.
  • Write a summary on the research contained within your selected article. Your summary should contain a null hypothesis statement and an alternate hypothesis statement.
  • Next, identify a data set that can be used for your process. The data set must consist of at least 25 data points. If your article does not contain a data set, then you may use the data set from Unit 1. Include the data set in your summary.
  • The summary should be double-spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman, and all sources must be cited in APA format.
  • Save your summary as a Word document and submit the file to the Group Discussion boardat least 48 hours before the assignment due date. If a student fails to contribute an individual component at least 48 hours before the final project deadline, the team may choose to complete the final project paper without the student’s contribution, even if it is submitted at a later date

As a group, you will complete the following:

  • Review each member’s contribution. Make comments in the discussion board in the small groups area for any improvement necessary as peer collaborators.
  • Using the group members’ comments, revise your individual report and submit the final draft to a designated group representative.
  • Selectoneof the summaries to examine and process your calculation.
  • The ANOVA will need to be carried out using “raw” data and in Microsoft Excel. If no raw data is available, then you may use the data set from the Unit 1 Individual Project.
  • Complete the following for your data set:
  • Compare the means of three or more groups of data.
  • State the null and alternative hypothesis statements.
  • State the significance level and the critical F value.
  • Finally, either reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis. Explain why.
  • Copy and paste the ANOVA output results from Excel and into a final Group Project Word document.
  • Have your group representative submit the final group document.

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