criminal Justice Research outline

| July 27, 2015

You must research Criminal Justice NCIC Data Base; this will serve as the topic for the Research Paper –you will compose a thesis statement and an outline on this topic as you work toward your final paper. Both the thesis statement and the outline must be saved in the same document.


The thesis statement must include the paper topic and an explanation of the position the paper will take in analyzing the subject. The thesis statement must be no more than 2 sentences long and must be a declarative statement rather than a question.


The outline must provide a detailed blueprint of the Research Paper – Final. It must include headings that cover the major points in the thesis statement. Citations from at least 5 scholarly sources must be included within the outline to support each point.


Before submitting the Thesis Statement and Outline, review the Thesis Statement and Outline Grading Rubric to verify that all components of the assignment have been completed. Save your work as a Microsoft Word document and submit it to Blackboard.






After Completing the thesis and outline prepare a Final Draft of your topic. Provide a detailed draft of the Research Paper Final. Include the paper’s introduction, thesis statement, body, and conclusion. The first draft must also include citations as well as a reference page with at least 5 scholarly sources. Each facet of the thesis statement must be addressed in the first draft. The body must be at least 2 pages


This too must be in APA FORMAT

And 12 pt times roman


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