Crime Story Analyses

| July 19, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Please note that this crime analysis should provide a thoughtful analysis of the content and not simply a summary of the contents of the true crime documentary.


When drawing from or referring to the video, merely indicate which crime story.

The goal of this assignment is to compare/contrast the portrayal against what you have learned in the course. You need to provide as much analysis as possible to either support or refute the accuracy of the story against what the various theories are telling you about this type of crime/victim/offender, etc. You want to make a clear and concise statement at the beginning, prove your thesis in the analysis, and conclude with a summary of how you were able to prove your thesis. Make sure to include all aspects of the matrix in your document. You are to analyze your crime story against what you have learned in the course and determine whether or not the depiction in the video is an accurate portrayal based on the theories and concepts presented in the course. Following the matrix in terms of structure is critical, with the goal of comparing and contrasting what the theories say about the type of murder, murderer, victim you are dealing with, along with whatever temporal aspects of your case are prevalent.


A brief summary or description of the crime being portrayed, concluding with a thesis statement about how accurate (factual) it has been portrayed;


A detailed critique which will support your thesis statement as to how the true crime portrayal may have aligned/not aligned with course materials, even if overall it was more fact than fiction or vice versa;

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